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Category D.4.1 Process Management

Concurrency Deadlocks Multiprocessing/multiprogramming/multitasking Mutual exclusion Scheduling Synchronization Threads
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Article BUILDING OF THE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT FOR GRID APPLICATIONS Abstract: The article considers the problems of configuring grid resources to perform computational tasks in the grid environment. The technology of automated configuration environment to perform tas 
Article GRID WORKFLOW DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Abstract: Despite the increased development and use of grid-technologies for solving large-scale computational tasks in various scientific fields, the problem of complexity and efficiency of using dis 
Article MODELLING AND CONTROL OF COMPUTATIONAL PROCESSES USING MAX-PLUS ALGEBRA Abstract: In this paper we propose a modelling technique for the control of computational processes. The Petri Net model, particularly a Timed Event Graph (TEG) can be used for analyzing. The propose 

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