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Category D.2.11 Software Architectures

Data abstraction Domain-specific architectures Information hiding Languages (e.g., description, interconnection, definition) Patterns (e.g., client/server, pipeline, blackboard)
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Article ALGEBRA DESCRIBING SOFTWARE STATIC MODELS Abstract: Algebra, describing software static models that are represented as the UML-diagrams of classes packages and components is presented in this paper. The major constituents of the algebra, whic 
Article AN APPROACH TO BEHAVIORAL SOFTWARE MODELS ANALYTICAL REPRESENTATION Abstract: According to standard UML 2.5 Behavioral Software Models (BSMs) are UML diagrams that represent software behavior [UML 2.5, 2012]. An approach of BSM analytical representation is proposed  
Article CONSTRUCTION OF MORPHOSYNTACTIC DISTANCE ON SEMANTIC STRUCTURES Abstract: When a natural language is introduced in a computer we have several problems to automate it, this is because it is difficult to make a computer relate concepts in a rich and always changing 
Article HIGAIA METHODOLOGY Abstract: At present there is a deficiency in the field of scientific theories that support software development. On the other hand, the few existing scientific theories do not provide methodological 
Article INTELLECTUAL SEARCH ENGINE OF ADEQUATE INFORMATION IN INTERNET FOR CREATING ... Abstract: Modern Web is more comparable to boundless universe of information. Sometimes it is very difficult to find relevant information in Web because of a variety of information and "unfair play"  
Article INTELLIGENT AGENTS AND PROTOCOLS Abstract: We study interaction protocols of software agents in an Intelligent Agent Server system, which employs software agents in regard to different applied problems. Models of agent interaction p 
Article METHOD OF BEHAVIORAL SOFTWARE MODELS SYNCHRONIZATION Abstract: A method of behavioral software models synchronization is represented in this paper. Implementing this method behavioral software models, which are changed after communication with customer 
Article METHOD OF DOMAIN MODELS DESIGNING Abstract: Method of domain models designing is proposed in this paper. Domain models are represented as class diagrams. Initial information for domain models designing contains both analytical repres 
Article MODELING OF AN INTELLECTUAL PROBLEM SOLVER BY TRANSFORMATION OF SEMANTIC MODELS Abstract: The method of construction of a problem solver of intelligent software by transformation of its models is presented. The representations of all these models are convenient both for the pers 
Article MULTIPLE-MODEL DESCRIPTION AND STRUCTURE DYNAMICS ANALYSIS OF ACTIVE MOVING... Abstract: Proposed developed concept of active moving object (AMO) was used to form statement of control problems which was investigated. Depending on the type of AMO can move and interact in space,  
Article SOA PROTOCOL WITH MULTIRESULTING Abstract: This paper presents a framework for distributed results in SOA environment. These distributed results are partially produced by a service and passed to a client program on demand. This appr 
Article SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE AND INTELLECTUAL DATABASE OF PEOPLE Abstract: Social networks are the core of modern Web. Nowadays almost every person have pages in several social networks. Social networks are very structured, so it is possible to make advanced queri 
Article ПРОБЛЕМЫ СОЗДАНИЯ ЖИЗНЕСПОСОБНЫХ ИНТЕЛЛЕК� Abstract: В данной работе рассматриваются новые идеи, связанные с созданием жизнеспособных интеллектуальных сис 

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