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Article OBJECT LEVEL RUN-TIME COHESION MEASUREMENT Abstract: Most of the object-oriented cohesion metrics proposed in the literature are static in nature and are defined at the class level. In this paper, new dynamic cohesion metrics are proposed which provide scope of cohesion measurement up to the object level and take into account important and widely used object-oriented features such as inheritance, polymorphism and dynamic binding during measurement. The proposed dynamic measures are computed at run-time, which take into consideration the actual interactions taking place among members of a class. The proposed measures are evaluated using a theoretical framework to prove their usefulness. A dynamic analyzer tool is presented which can be used to perform dynamic analysis of Java applications for the purpose of collecting run-time data for the computation of the proposed metrics. Further, a case study is conducted using a Java program to demonstrate the computation process for the proposed dynamic cohesion measures. Keywords: Cohesion; Software metrics; Static metrics; Dynamic metrics; Aspect oriented programming; Object-oriented software. ACM Classification Keywords: D.2.8 [Software Engineering]: Metrics; D.2.3 [Software Engineering]: Coding Tools and Techniques - Object-oriented programming Link: OBJECT LEVEL RUN-TIME COHESION MEASUREMENT Varun Gupta, Jitender Kumar Chhabra  
Article РАЗРАБОТКА МЕТОДИКИ АВТОМАТИЧЕСКОГО ТЕСТИ� Аннотация: В статье рассматривается проблема автоматического тестирования алгоритмов поиска человека по п� 

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