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Category D.2.1 Requirements/Specifications

Elicitation methods (e.g., rapid prototyping, interviews, JAD) Languages Methodologies (e.g., object-oriented, structured) Tools
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Article COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE LANGUAGES FOR BUSINESS RULES SPECIFICATION Abstract: One of the goals of authors of the Business Rules Approach, besides making the process of specification of software more precise and adequate, was to provide a rigorous basis for reverse en 
Article EXTRACTING BUSINES RULES – HYPE OR HOPE FOR SOFTWARE MODERNIZATION Abstract: The purpose of this work is to investigate how the Business Rules approach (very promising) can be used for the purposes of feasible and efficient software modernization (very needed). The p 
Article SEMANTIC CONSTRUCTION OF UNIVOCAL LANGUAGE Abstract: In this paper a solution is propose to organize the space of words that exist in a specific language in their different semantic categories. By taking a natural language, we're going to de 
Article SOFTWARE MODEL COGNITIVE VALUE Abstract: An approach for estimation of Software Models (SMs) from Cognitive Science point of view is outlined in the paper. The basic notion of this approach is the new term “Software Model Cognit 
Article SYSTEMOLOGICAL BUSINESS MODELLING FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Abstract: One of the effective ways of the representation and analysis of the high level-purposes and business requirements to the information program system is modelling of a context of the system f 
Article THE TECHNOLOGY OF PROGRAMMING FOR A CLUSTER COMPUTER ... Abstract. The problem of preparation of a program to perform it on multiprocessor system of a cluster type is considered. When developing programs for a cluster computer the technology based on use o 

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